GreenBites - urban gardening "Young vegetables for your home!"

Our snack vegetables

With our new brand “Green Bites” we offer young vegetable plants from which you can pick the fruits yourself at home! For this purpose we chose specially selected varieties which are

  • compact in size and
  • easy to take care of
  • with fruits that taste delicious!

With our brand "Green Bites" we follow the trend of "microgreens" and "urban gardening". This way also people without a garden can harvest their own vegetables from their balcony or window ledge!

Leo Scherr


Strikingly different!

Thanks to our colourful pots our “Green Bites” immediately catch the eye and also show the colour of the fruit. At the moment our product range contains:

  • tomatoes
  • peppers
  • cucumbers

Innovation award winner

On the 3rd of February 2020 our snack vegetables won the innovation award of “steirisches Vulkanland”! At the 16th annual award ceremony “Green Bites – urban gardening” won first place in the category culinary art.

Verleihung im Trauteum

Cress & Sprouts

Our snack vegetables won’t get lonely! Our Green Bites have been expanded to include cress and sprouts.

The origin of the plants has to gain more attention! ! The plants are the ones that carry our valuable fruits for our customers. Regionality is part of sustainability!

Christa Scherr

Our organic herbs "From basil to thyme!"


Our herbs

In 2018 we extended our product range with herbs. We produce many different varieties using state of the art technology and a logistics system with tables.

100% organic

Our herbs are not just organic, they are reguarly probed, strictly supervised and free of any remains from conventional production. Snack directly from our plants!



At the moment our herbs are available in food retail at Hofer but also at regional food stores and markets!

Cress & Sprouts "Microgreens"


Our varieties

Additionally to our herbs different cress and sprout varieties joined our product range in 2019.  Our range contains many different tastes and colours!

100 % organic

Also our cress and sprouts are strictly supervised and are produced completely organic. Snack directly from the box!



Our cress and sprouts can also be found at Hofer and at regional food stores and markets.

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