Certification: Austrian Organic Guarantee Label

With the activity “agricultural production”, Jungpflanzen Scherr holds a valid control relationship. The company is certified in the following provisions:

  • Regulation and implementation
  • Austrian nutritional code


Organic products

Artichoke, basil, blue cabbage, bean cabbage, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, German/genuine thyme, dill, dost / Oregano, fruity sage, endive salad, tarragon, field salad, spice fennel, green cabbage, cucumber, cauliflower, Florence fennel, kohlrabi, coriander, herbal mix, lovage, marjoram, eggplant, pepper, peppermint, pepperoni / chili, leek, radicchio, radish, rosemary, beetroot, rocket salad, chili, tomatoes, watermelon, white cabbage, savoy cabbage, lemon balm, zucchini, sugar / honey melon, sugar hat, onion


We also integrate successful organic production methods, such as plant strengthening, into conventional production now. Healthy people and a healthy environment are important to us.

Christa Scherr

Biological young plants We exclusively use seeds and equipment that meet organic guidelines

Aussicht vom Betrieb

By plant strengthening, the young plant develops its own defensive forces against diseases and pests.

The organic cultivation of young plants is a serious concern to us. We have taken several measures to ensure that the organic cultivation of the plants is sustained. With us, all parts go hand in hand.


green energy CO2 free

water reprocessing

energy from biomass


Sustainability is part of our corporate philosophy. Therefore, the systems are constantly being tested. A complete water treatment has been installed, the heating of the plant works via biomass and the entire electricity consumption are covered by green electricity.

The positive effects of organic production are also transferred to conventional production.

Christa Scherr

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